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package org.bouncycastle.asn1;

import java.io.IOException;

00005 public abstract  class ASN1Object
    extends DERObject
     * Create a base ASN.1 object from a byte stream.
     * @param data the byte stream to parse.
     * @return the base ASN.1 object represented by the byte stream.
     * @exception IOException if there is a problem parsing the data.
00015     public static ASN1Object fromByteArray(byte[] data)
        throws IOException
        ASN1InputStream aIn = new ASN1InputStream(data);

        return (ASN1Object)aIn.readObject();

    public final boolean equals(Object o)
        if (this == o)
            return true;
        return (o instanceof DEREncodable) && asn1Equals(((DEREncodable)o).getDERObject());

    public abstract int hashCode();

    abstract void encode(DEROutputStream out) throws IOException;

    abstract boolean asn1Equals(DERObject o);

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